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yacht valuation

As an EMCI accredited yacht appraiser, I write every appraisal report specifically for your yacht, your situation and your purpose. A valuation report from a certified yacht broker & appraiser can come in handy in the following situations, among others:

  • Are you going to sell a sailing or motor yacht and do you want to know what a good selling price is?
  • Are you going to buy a yacht and do you want to know whether the price is not too high?
  • Are you applying for a (re-)financing or a ship mortgage? 
  • Does the yacht have several owners and does one want to buy out, for example in the event of an inheritance or divorce?
  • Does the yacht have to be sold due to bankruptcy?
yacht valuation

EMCI certified Appraiser

As an EMCI recognized Yacht Broker & Appraiser I have written valuation reports for sailing yachts up to and including 40 meters in length. I know the pros and cons of many ships from my own experiences as I have been providing sailing training and yacht deliveries since 2000. So from my own experience I know well what it means to use a boat. As a boat owner I myself have done a refit of a classic sailing yacht. In addition to my native language Dutch, I speak English, German and Italian.

Elmar Teeuwen

on board

I will inspect your ship on board as soon as possible in order to carry out a certified valuation. I then report, among other things, the technical specifications, engine hours, CE plate, engine number, registration number, etc.
For example, if a refit has taken place, or if the engine has recently been overhauled, I specify what exactly took place. I also check the (safety) equipment and the general condition of the ship. An extensive photo report of the interior, exterior and equipment on board is added to the appendix of the yacht valuation report. If a recent ship survey has taken place, that report will also be included in the appendix of the valuation report.

Ship documents

Furthermore, a thorough investigation is carried out into all ship documents, such as:

  • Construction certificate
  • Certificate of measurement
  • Title Deed
  • VAT certificate
  • Registrations in ship’s register
  • Requirement of the CvO

It is also investigated which laws and regulations the ship must comply with. If necessary, an indication is made of the costs to have the ship meet those requirements.

Costs and revenues

Of course the maintenance costs also determine the value and that is why a specified estimation is made. On the other hand, some yachts are popular charter yachts with a “regular customer base” so that the costs are covered by the charter revenue. Good charter records and a good permanent crew can therefore push up the asking price.

Market Scan

With a market scan I compare competing yachts or sister ships on the market. In doing so, I look at the most important decision factors, such as brand, dimensions, year of manufacture, equipment, etc.

Of course, the current price of new construction and the delivery time are also included in the valuation. New construction prices can also fluctuate due to, for example, fluctuations in the market or limited capacity of yacht yards.

When it comes to unique custom built yachts, or classic yachts, it is less easy to make a market scan. With unique ships, subjective factors play a greater role, such as:

  • History
  • Famous Shipyard / Yacht Designer
  • Was the yacht owned by a celebrity
  • Timeless design


The used yachts market is behaving differently than you would expect and is not always in sync with the general economic situation. A description of the current market and whether the time to sell is favorable or not is something that should be described in any valuation report.

Sales strategy

In addition to the value and pricing strategy, I am also happy to give my recommendations to achieve the best net result within your intended sales period. These recommendations may be related to promotion, location and in some cases to perform certain work to make the ship easier to sell.


The most essential question that the yacht valuation report must answer is of course what the ship is worth. I make a distinction between the initial asking price in the current market and the expected net proceeds. In addition, the value depends on the intended period within which you want to sell, for example: within 18, 12 or 6 months.

Finally, the way the ship is sold affects:

  • For example, do you engage a specialized yacht broker?
  • Do you think you can do better yourself?
  • Do you opt for a ship auction?

You see, there are many factors that influence the appraisal value of your yacht.