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Yacht Marketing

If you want to sell or charter your sailing- or motor yacht, you can appoint a yacht broker or charter agent, but maybe you prefer not to give an exclusive assignment, but invite all to bring a client. The downside of that is that no one will invest enough in the marketing. I offer a package of yacht marketing activities without an exclusive contract or commission, but just based on my hourly rate.

Yacht Marketing Plan

YACHT WEBSITE & Search Engine Optimization

The internet is the sales marina of this time and that is why in my view a unique website with a unique URL for your yacht is a good step. The advantage of a unique yacht website is that the visitor has the best possible experience, that there are no competing yachts or advertising banners next to it, as is usually the case on yachting portals. So even if you have already appointed an exclusive yacht broker, a unique yacht website is still a good idea. I have registered a large number of search engine friendly URLs for this that you can use.


Making beautiful images to sell your ship is essential. Many people are visually oriented and give up on a bad presentation. I would be happy to make a photo series and video for you of both the interior and the exterior. I do that from your dinghy and with a drone. After the photo and video shoot of your ship I will edit the material with Adobe Creative Suite to put your ship in the spotlight in the most beautiful way possible.


Online advertising on Google Ads, Social Media and Yachting Portals is the most effective way of advertising because you only pay when someone specifically searches for your type of yacht or is part of the target customer segment and clicks on the advertisement.


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