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Yacht Marketing

If you want to sell or charter your sailing- or motor yacht, you can appoint a yacht broker or charter agent, but maybe you prefer not to give an exclusive assignment, but invite all to bring a client. The downside of that is that no one will invest enough in the marketing. I offer a package of yacht marketing activities without an exclusive contract or commission, but just based on my hourly rate. I also work for shipyards to market sailing- or motor yachts.

Yacht Marketing Plan

YACHT WEBSITE & Search Engine Optimization

First impressions are crucial. They can make or break the opportunity to find a client. That is why a dedicated website with a unique URL for your yacht is a good step. The advantage is that the visitor has the best possible experience, that there are no competing yachts or advertising banners next to it, as is usually the case on yachting portals.


Also we make photo series, video and 360° virtual tours of the interior and the exterior from your dinghy and with our drone. After the photo and video shoot of your yacht, the material with be edited with Adobe Creative Suite to put your yacht in the spotlight in the most beautiful way.


Online advertising on Google Ads, Social Media and Yachting Portals is the most effective way of advertising because you only pay when someone specifically searches for your type of yacht or is part of the target customer segment and clicks on the advertisement.

Why a dedicated website for your yacht?

If you want to sell or charter your yacht without giving an exclusive assignment, yacht brokers will not invest enough in the marketing. As a solution, I offer a package of yacht marketing activities without an exclusive contract or commission, just based on my hourly rate.

If you have already appointed a broker, a yacht website stilll would be a good idea to give the marketing an impulse.

Your broker will create a funnel only to his own website, but the problem is that there are many other boats that distract the prospects from your yacht. We create a funnel to only your yacht.

Besides that, every serious prospect will use Google to find comparable yachts to compare the price and that is why you should have a high-ranking website optimised for your yacht.

Our services are th perfect addition to your broker. We don’t ask commission or an exclusive contract, we will only charge you based on our hourly tariff.

Although, you might still enjoy your yacht now, there will come a time that you will decide to sell. A yacht website makes it possible to collect email addresses from people who are interested in your yacht. By the time you decide to sell, you will have built up a list of prospects that you can contact.

To succesful charter a yacht a real-time online booking system is essential, so that is exactly what we will develop.

Every ambitious regatta team should have a website to recruit the best sailors to join your winning team.

Blue water sailors can use a website to post blogs for family and friends regarding their adventures including photos, videos and of course a real-time tracking system.

A websites is just the frontend, but it is also possible to login on your boat management system, including professional email, maintenance schedules, to-do lists, the yacht’s calendar, ship documents, certificates and manuals, crew documents and certificates, inventory lists, contact details of suppliers, etc.

I am assisting shipyards that want to market sailing or motor boats with a full package of yacht marketing and sales services.

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