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Yacht Brokerage

Are you considering putting your yacht on the market for sale or charter? As an EMCI certified yacht broker & appraiser with more than 10 years of experience, I am happy to help you with an innovative approach in yacht brokerage. I provide unparalleled (online) marketing and presentation for every yacht. I know the market well and, as a very experienced sea sailor, I also know the advantages and disadvantages of many yachts from my own experience. As a Dutch person living in Italy, I also form a unique bridge between buyers and sellers in Northern and Southern Europe. For each unique assignment I offer a customized solution that varies from full-service yacht brokerage to partial services.

Yacht Marketing Plan


The internet is today’s sales haven, so unparalleled online marketing and presentation is essential for a successful sale. For more than 10 years I have built websites and provided online marketing for ambitious companies and I also enjoy photography and (drone) video production. This far-reaching knowledge and skills come in handy in my work as an innovative yacht broker.


In addition to more than 10 years of experience in yacht brokerage, I have completed more than 30,000 nautical miles as a skipper, sailing instructor, competitive sailor and boat owner. I have always sailed in challenging coastal waters, on all imaginable sailing and motor yachts, so I know better than anyone what the pros and cons are of different yachts. This allows me to give valuable advice to potential buyers.


For more than 20 years as a sailing instructor I have trained thousands of water sports enthusiasts on sailing and motor yachts. I have built up a large network of water sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands. Now I live in Italy not far from the Mediterranean, the berth of most luxury sailing and motor yachts. Moreover, I speak my languages ​​well and I know better than anyone the enormous differences in culture, habits and in doing business. This allows me to form a bridge between buyers and sellers in Northern and Southern Europe.


Every yacht, every owner and therefore every assignment is unique. If you do business with me, I will therefore offer a tailor-made solution, which varies from full-service to partial services. As a boutique yacht brokerage I can offer a competitive commission for full-service yacht brokerage. For extra marketing exposure, we can place the sale of your yacht with a reputable yacht brokerage with a proven track record in sales in the luxury segment. I am one of the agents in this worldwide yacht brokerage network. Download brochure. Finally, I offer partial services based on my hourly rate, such as yacht valuations, online yacht marketing and consultancy.