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Own boat tuition

As an offshore sailing instructor, charter- and regatta skipper, I have over two decades of experience at sea in Northwestern Europe, the Mediterranean and Caribbean. I have been sailing mostly on sailing yachts but also on several large catamarans and twin-screw motor yachts. I am a RYA/MCA Yachtmaster® Offshore with valid commercial endorsement, RYA/MCA Cruising Instructor Sail and RYA/MCA Shorebased instructor.

Own Boat Tuition

You can take me as your certified CWO offshore sailing instructor on board your own sailing or motor yacht or a vessel that you have chartered, possibly also through me. In this way you can safely discover new destinations with your friends and family, enjoy your sailing holiday in a more relaxed way and at the same time improve your knowledge and skills as much as possible and receive a CWO certificate in the yachting discipline on tidal waters.

Advantages of a sailing instructor on your own boat

The advantages of sailing instruction on your own or a chartered yacht, compared to sailing lessons on a yacht that belongs to a sailing school are the following:

  • You can compose the crew yourself, so that you do not get unknown students on board. If it wouldn’t click with the rest of the crew on board, a boat feels very small. With sailing instruction on your own yacht, you choose the crew yourself.
  • When you take lessons on your own boat, you are able to decide on the course program. You can decide where we sail to, determine the sailing times and also determine what we are going to practice. You also determine the pace of the exercises yourself.
  • You can obtain a CWO certificate in the most beautiful, challenging sailing areas in the world. So you are not tied to one sailing area, but can gain experience in different areas with different particularities and challenges.
  • You learn to skipper better on your own ship with the special sailing characteristics of that boat, the equipment of that specific boat, etc.

Sailing areas for Own Boat Tuition

It is possible to hire me as a sailing instructor in the Netherlands, but I also give sailing lessons abroad, for example in one of my favorite sailing areas.

Course content Own Boat Tuition

Sailing courses are given on the basis of the CWO yachting on tidal water. Your progress will be tracked in a digital system on When you have mastered all the progress you will receive a CWO certificate. If you are not interested in a CWO certificate, it is also possible to practice specific things, such as:

Costs own boat tuition

For Own Boat Tuition on your own sailing or motor yacht, I charge a fixed daily price, plus my expenses for traveling to and from the yacht etc. If you send me an email with the dates in which you want to sail, the number of days you want a sailing instructor, the sailing area, the number of crew, possibly your requirements for a charter yacht, etc. I will send you a quote for the onboard training and possibly a quote for a number of suitable charter yachts.

As an offshore sailing instructor and charter skipper, I have over two decades of experience at sea in Northwestern Europe, the Mediterranean and Caribbean.
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RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Offshore with commercial endorsement
CWO yachting instructor
RYA/MCA Cruising Instructor Sail
RYA/MCA Shorebased instructor
VHF Examiner
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“I love to help you to Expand your horizons in a fun, safe way and make your sailing dream come true.”