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Boat Maintenance Checklist

Below you will find an example of a chacklist for safety and maintenance for a pleasure boat. Every boat is different, so you would need to create a checklist for your own yacht using the maintenance scheduals in the manuals. Also check the manual for spare parts and specific tools that are recommended to keep onboard.


Check / certify fire extingushers (Yearly)
Test smoke alarms and replace batteries before start of the season (Monthly)
Liferaft (service every 3 years)
Life jackets (service every 2 years)
Test EPIRB, AIS-SART, SATphone (Monthly)
Service John Buoy (When needed)
Test VHF (Weekly)
Test and charge handheld VHF’s (Weekly)
Test if bilge pumps automatically switch on and work (1st and 2d level) (Monthly)
Test and charge search light and torches, replace batteries (Weekly)


Abandon ship drill (Quarterly)
Fire drill (Quarterly)
Man overboard drill (Quarterly)


Medical certificate (When needed)
Skippers licence (When needed)
STWC (When needed)
Yacht Insurance (Yearly)
Certificate of Registry (When needed)
Licences and registration gmdss (Yearly)


Check / Update paper charts and Nautical Almanacs (Weekly)
Update digital charts (Monthly)
Update software Garmin / B&G, etc. (Quarterly)
Check navigation lights (Monthly)

Rigging & sails

Check terminals, etc. up in the mast (Monthly)
Check guardwires (Weekly)
Check oil hydraulic system (Monthly)
Service hydraulics by manufacturer if needed (When needed)
Take sails to a sailmaker for general check (Yearly)
Check manual for spare parts: Belt for furling system, Sail Repair Kit, shackles, etc

Main engine

Check coolant (Daily)
Check water pump belts and the alternator (Daily)
Check fuel (Daily)
Check oil in engine : for example 15 / 40 (Daily)
Check oil in gearbox (gear box transmission oil) (Monthly)
Check / clean water strainer (Daily)
Check and change filters (When needed)
Check fuel tank for dirt / water (Quarterly)
Check manual for spare parts: Racor filter, engine oil filter, oil, impellor, belts, coolant, fuel filter, washers, etc.


Check coolant (Weekly)
Check oil (Weekly)
Clean strainer (Weekly)
Check maintenance schedual in manual (When needed)
Service (for example every 150hrs) (When needed)
Check manual for spare parts

Electrical System

Check / charge service batteries (Daily)
Check / charge batteries engine and generator (Weekly)
Check with test button if breakers are working (Monthly)
Check manual for spare parts: Spare fuses, etc.


Check hydraulic oil autopilot (Monthly)
Check pump autopilot (Monthly)
Check grease steering construction (Biannual)


Run / wash watermaker (even if you don’t need water) (Weekly)
5 micron filter (When needed)
Bleed the system periodically. (When needed)
Rinse with 2 types of chemicals and fresh water to winterize, replace filters (Yearly)

Decks and hull

Inspect underwatership, prop, rudder and keel (Monthly)
Wash (spray vinegar to remove salt) (Daily)
Boat wash and wax with sponge (Weekly)
Clean Lockers, lazarette (Monthly)
Teak cleaner (Yearly)
Polish stainless steel with polishing cream (Monthly)
Clean waterline and hull (Monthly)
Replace electronics push buttons whiches (Yearly)
Antifouling and polish hull (Yearly)
Polish hatches to remove scratches (Monthly)
Clean front-vu, log, dept sounder (Quarterly)
Anodes Bowtruster (Yearly)
Anodes Prop shaft (Yearly)
Anodes Gori prop (Yearly)
Check oil anchor winch (Yearly)


Gasbottles (Weekly)
Water (Daily)
Check / clean strainer manifold (Monthly)
Clean grey water filters showers (Monthly)
Check gas Airconditioning (Yearly)
Clean air filters Airconditioning (Yearly)


Check fuel outboard engine in engine and in fuel can (Weekly)
Check / charge battery of tender (Weekly)
Replace water seperator / filter every 100hrs or 1 year (When needed)
Outboard engine service (Yearly)
Check spareparts: filter, prop