Elmar Teeuwen | Yachting | Est. 2001
Elmar Teeuwen | Yachting | Est. 2000

Why buy a yacht with us?

Buying a yacht is most of the times the result of love at first sight. However the wrong choice can really cause many sleepless nights. To prevent this: ask a second opinion from an EMCI Certified Yacht Broker & Purchase Appraiser who also is a very experienced sailor and yacht owner. We are able to provide valuable advise about which yacht is the most suitable for your sailing plans, crew and budget. Our services are applicable for used and also new built yachts.

Many buyers do not realize that selling yacht brokers are primarily acting on behalf of the seller, not on your behalf. As buying broker we serve primarily your needs. As a buying broker we look with different eyes at which yacht is really suitable for your yachting plans.

Market scan & pre-inspections

We are pleased to offer you a market scan to compare similar yachts on the market, looking at the most important decision making factors. For this we have access to one of the largest yacht databases in the world in which we can look up the actual selling prices, instead of only looking at the initial asking prices. Also we do pre-inspections on yachts that are located on remote locations and with the use of video-calling we can have a look onboard together. Our pre-inspections will save you time on visiting yachts that are in a worse state than the pictures are showing.

Sea trial & inspection

We also are happy to assist buyers during sea-trials and inspections. We will look with a critical eye to the reports and advise you what to do in case any unexpected issues come up during the sea trial or inspection.

MOA, Ship's documents & VAT

After many years working as a yacht broker in the most luxury segment of yachts from 20 meter and having been involved in many transactions, we are able to advise you with all the paperwork like the MOA, proof of ownership, VAT certificates, registrations and mortgages.